Thank you so much for your participation.  We hope to see you again in 2019!


Former participants 

Arcadia: juggling and magic

Burgenda: medieval reenactment group

Ca & Co: jewelry

Coetus Runa: pancakes

Combat History: medieval reenactment group

De 4 s’er:  j ewelry

Destrier: knights and horses

Fensale: medieval clothing

Familien Fabula: theater for the youngest

Fleron læder: leather goods

Galleri Magica: icon workshop

Gimlegård: medieval items

Gjallerhorn: mead brewing

Gordons Route:  medieval reenactment group v. Tom Jersøe: Archery

Harpestreng:  music and medieval instruments

Institorium: medieval items

Historiefortælleren Steiner:  storyteller

Ildsmeden: blacksmith

Korsfarerne:  medieval reenactment group

Kulturingeniøren: medieval reenactment group

Kødsnedkeren: medieval inspired food

Lahrsten: mead and medieval items

Lise Kirketerp: nun and calligraphy

Lorifactor:historical replicas

Lupus Tempus:   medieval reenactment group

Mandel Mike: candy apples and roasted almonds

Manu Propria: medieval reenactment group

Maskelade: puppet theater

Maximus Heraticus: juggling

Mirella: dancing

Nomad art: bows and arrows

Ocarinas: medieval flute

Omni Varietas: medieval reenactment group

Pøbel: music

Piotr Rzeźbiarz: joiner

Ridder Martin: medieval reenactment group

Ridder Rune: medieval reenactment group

Ridder Smith: knights

Samsø Falkecenter: falconry

Skin and Bone: historical tattoos

Struden: medieval items

Smeden og hans kone: blacksmith and medieval items

Swedish Armory: medieval items

TADEUSZ MACIEJKO: medieval items

Trivialis: medieval reenactment group

Trup Ting Tang: juggling

Virelai: music

Voer Catat: music

Ølbryggeren Lars Madsen: historical brewing

Ølsmeden – Øl til tiden: historical beer

Boettcherei Hanko: cooperage

Ramashang: music

Umbra: medieval reenactment group

Rohan Stables: knights

Själ: music

Slagkraft:  medieval items

Stengården: medieval items

Maggie Maas: medieval items

Medeltidmode: fabric

Danish Falconry: falconry

Historisk Tatovering: tatovering

Skånska Björnan: knights

Vadköpings Historiske: medieval items

Warwick: medieval reenactment group

and many more…



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