Esrum Medieval Days

Esrum Medievaldays 2020 is cancelled due to covid-19.

Esrum Medieval Days began over 10 years ago as Esrum Knights Market. In 2015 we changed our name to Esrum Medieval Days.

With Esrum Medieval Days our vision is to create an event where quality, authenticity, learning, experience and involvement reach a higher level. Our aim is that Esrum Medieval Days is an attractive event for both guests and participants.

We’re not trying to reconstruct the Middle Ages one to one, but we place great emphasis on authenticity and quality of all participants.

The aim of  Esrum Medieval Days is to disseminate Esrum Abbeys history, with emphasis on the monasticism impact and the medieval society the monastery was part of, to a broad audience. We want to be inclusive and fun, and we want the visitors to be part of the event and not just spectators – therefore, authenticity, openness, dissemination and fun are keywords at Esrum Medieval Days.