The things we emphasize at Esrum Medieval Days


  • Authenticity:

At Esrum Medieval Days, we place great emphasis on authenticity – that clothing, equipment, stalls, goods are so historically well founded as possible.

Living in the 21st century of course means that we use modern technology and equipment where it is needed.

For an added authenticity, we constantly work to improve Esrum Medieval Days – be more historically grounded and use new theses and archaeological findings . We also expect that our groups and stallholders have an interest in this.

To find guidance on clothing, food, objects etc. look at  Guidelines and

  • Openness

We place great emphasis on openness both at at individual level and within the groups and camps. The camps should be open to guests, and there must be interest in interaction between guests and participants.

It is of course all right to retreat to his camp or tent, but if you are not interested in being a part of the event and welcoming the guests, but just want to sit with yourselves in an enclosed encampment.

  • Intermediation

Intermediation is one of the key features at  Esrum Medieval Days. We wish that our guests receives as much knowledge about the Middle Ages as possible. As a participant, you are the most important ambassador, so we emphasize that the participants are passionate about sharing their area of interest to the guests whether it’s the latest knowledge in everyday life, weapons, food, crafts, the role of women, etc.

  • Fun

And of course it should be fun. For the majority of the participants it is a hobby and who bothers to spend their spare time on something that is not fun– it probably also applies all hose who have it as their job.

On Saturday night we give party for the participants who want to join. We dine together in the inn and afterwards there will be singing, dancing and performances.