Esrum Medieval Days has not decided on a specific year or century, but operates within the historical framework of the second half of the High Middle Ages and the first half of the Late Middle Ages, ie. about 1200-1450.

Therefore stalls and camps must conceive trade stalls or field camps of this period, and each participant is committed to act in temporal proper attire and appearance.


Stalls and camps must conceive trading stalls / field camps from the Middle Ages. Modern requisites and materials are not allowed. It is only allowed to use props, materials, furniture and equipment  that existed in the Middle Ages. Necessary modern equipment must as far as possible be masked, so they are not visible to the public.

Use wood or the like to signs and use natural colors – no neon green, pink or other very bright colors for  price tags  etc – and no laminated signs.


All participants (both groups and stallholders) must be dressed in medieval clothing.

We would appreciate that the costumes are made of wool and undyed or light flax. Since we know that many participants have costumes made of colored linen, these are still allowed, but we urge that women wears a woolen overdress and men at least have stockings made of wool. Rayon velvet is not allowed and we prefer that cotton is not used.

Women over “virginity stage” must wear headgear.

If you do not have medieval footwear, discreet brown or black shoes is allowed.

Colorful tattoos, piercings, contemporary hairstyle and unnatural hair colors must be removed or covered. Modern makeup and nail polish are not allowed.


It is ones own responsibility to obtain and bring along necessary permits. For further information see:


Animals are welcome. The owner has full responsibility both within and outside opening hours. Dogs must be kept on a leash. For dogs it applies that collar and leash must be made of leather or rope in black, brown or the like.

In general

Dismantling of stalls may only be begin Sunday  at 17.00 – after the market is closed.

The provided area must be cleared before departure. If the area is not cleared and approved by Esrum Abbey on departure, there will be a 3000 DKK bill.