Rune Clausen /

Rune is the ancient norse word for secret lore. Rune is also a digital consultant, heritage interpretation specialist, exhibition planner and new media enthusiast. I enjoy experimenting anywhere between the extrema of the virtuality continuum and I have worked with the web, exhibition planning, learning and interpretation, research, writing, marketing and project management in the GLAM sector for more than 15 yrs.

Originally trained as historian and anthropologist, I’m an experienced digital GLAM-professional and independent creative. I believe in open, non-proprietary standards, the free dissemination of knowledge, tolerance and tech in life and everywhere. And life – I argue – will generally improve if we all just share a little bit more.

I’m the proud father of two teenage sons and one toddler, a peaceful man, a guitarist with a full beard, passionate about traditional longbow archery, fishing and hunting. I live in the woods in a small yellow house north of Copenhagen with my girfriend and son – joined by a dog and two cats. I’m convinced that it’s good to have an end to journey toward; but it’s the journey that matters, in the end.

Whether you’re in need of a digital consultant, want to discuss historical reenactment practices or just want to say hello you are welcome to reach out using the social links above or shoot me an e-mail.