Dusty Heart

DUSTY HEART Will the dust ever settle down Is my blood forever tainted? Pick my broken soul from my dusty heart, and please smile to me before you let me go You can tell me what you want I’ll believe every word you say Let the wind blow dust in my eyes and let my […]

I Am Just A Man (When Happy Went Lucky)

En lille sang indspillet i ly af februarnatten – og min hue… I Am Just A Man (When Happy Went Lucky) Chorus: I am just a man I wish I was the buddha or some kind of saint I wish I was a hero everything that I aint’ But I amĀ  I’m just a man… […]

There’s Murder In The Air Tonight

Here’s a brand new song written and recorded on a combination of Italian red wine, a rather lousy digital camera and a BOSS MP3 recorder a late night in January 2009. It’s very rough around the edges! I had the idea that the lo-fi atmosphere brought on by the lacking quality of sound and picture […]